Tiny House Living in Carolina Beach

When we decided to plan our summer vacation to Carolina Beach, I used Airbnb for the first time in hopes I’d find a place that was dog-friendly and close to the beach. Enter the modern storage container tiny house. The house boasted close proximity to the beach and photos included happy doggos enjoying some front porch sitting, so I knew this would be the perfect place for us.

I know I’m not alone when I tell you that I’ve been dying to stay in a tiny house. It seems like every evening at some point my TV ends up on HGTV and my husband and I end up watching House Hunters or a show about tiny houses.


The house had a lot of modern touches and lots of outdoor space, which we really enjoyed. It included a Queen size bed, a large shower, a small kitchen, and living room with a TV that is connected to Netflix, Hulu & HBOGO.

I was a bit nervous to stay in an Airbnb, but it was great. We got into the house with a keypad, so we didn’t have to interact with anyone (who wants to deal with people on vacation? Not me). The house was very clean and there were even fresh flowers waiting for us! I was floored. This host really cared about first impressions and it showed.

Now, I’ve got to say that I don’t think we could live in a tiny house permanently because we own wayyyyy too much crap, but it was perfect for a mini vacation. If there’s one thing I could say I didn’t enjoy, it was the AC. There was a small unit in the kitchen, but it didn’t reach the bedroom, so nights were pretty hot. And, since there were no walls, we could hear every noise the dogs made, which got pretty annoying. In the end we all survived and had a great trip, regardless of the somewhat sleepless nights. Besides, you can just sleep on the beach the next day, right?


Vacation Eats

{Here are a few places we visited while in Carolina Beach}

Hanging out with the sharks at the North Carolina Aquarium

Hanging out with the sharks at the North Carolina Aquarium

Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar

The house is within walking distance to the beach and a few local restaurants, so the first night we walked to the Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar where we enjoyed cocktails and fish tacos. The tiki bar is over the water and it seems to be a very popular spot, so get there early if you’re visiting on the weekend.

Frank’s Pizza

On Sunday night there was a storm and we didn’t feel like going out, so we had pizza delivered from Frank’s on the boardwalk and it was DELISH! Seriously— you’ve got to grab a slice while you’re in town.

Britt’s Donuts

Another must-eat is Britt’s Donuts. WOW. The donut shop on the boardwalk has been around since 1939. Every time we passed by, the seats inside were full and there was a line going out the door. Be sure to grab an extra dozen for the ride home. :)


Want to Try Tiny House Living?


If you want to book the tiny house, click the button below. There are two units side-by-side, so if you’ve got a group of 4 or 6 people, you can stay close together. I highly recommend it. We had a great trip and will be going back soon!

Have you tried tiny house living? Let me know in the comments below!