Living My Yoga Practice

I loved this sign that was posted outside of the yoga studio today!

I loved this sign that was posted outside of the yoga studio today!

A few weeks ago, a friend invited me to attend a hot yoga class with her. I’d never been to a yoga class of any kind before, but I had tried some yoga at home (thanks to YouTube). I was anxious that I would look like a newbie and embarrass myself or die of heatstroke, but none of those things happened!

After the first class, I was hooked.

First off, I didn’t die. Second, I LOVED IT! Yes I even enjoy the heat!

I think one reason that I’m drawn to yoga is because I danced growing up. I always enjoyed all of the stretching before class. It was one of my favorite parts.

As a rider, I appreciate the core and balance work. Both are incredibly important in any phase of a horse trial. I really enjoy the challenge of pushing my body while keeping my mind quiet—a skill that may come in handy during a cross country course or maybe as I approach a combination in the showjumping.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been approaching my health in a whole new way and yoga fits perfectly into my new routine. I’ve become more mindful of the foods I choose to fuel my body and my stress level. I’ll go into more detail about these changes soon, but for now, just know that stress reduction has been a huge part of my focus and yoga has been extremely helpful in this area.

Today as I was leaving the studio, I reflected on how often I hurry.

I hurry to brew coffee so I can rush to my home office and check in with clients.
I hurry through my to-do list so I can focus on other projects or make time for the barn or gym.
I hurry home in the evening to make dinner for my husband.
I hurry to clean the kitchen before bed.

Phew. That’s a lot of hurrying.

What if I DIDN’T hurry? What if I let things happen as I get to them. With no rush. No hurry. Something I am often reminded to practice during yoga. It’s time for me to make this a part of my life outside of those four walls.

I’m going to be more intentional about how I get through my day by taking a deep breath when I feel hurried. Will you try it with me?