Getting Back on the Horse

Flatting Jeeves back at our farm in Kentucky.

Flatting Jeeves back at our farm in Kentucky.

I literally cannot believe I’m sitting here building a new website.

I’ve had this blog for over a year and have been adding to it as I’ve gone through different stages of infertility treatment. I have talked all about hormone therapy, chemical pregnancies, miscarriages, and the life changes I’ve made to manage polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Thanks to GoDaddy, it’s all gone and here I am rebuilding this site on a Sunday afternoon.

I won’t assume you’ve read all of my blog posts—instead I’ll tell you a little about who I am.

My husband and I have just relocated from Lexington, KY to just outside of Raleigh, NC. About 4 weeks ago we packed up two horses, one bearded dragon, three Italian Greyhounds and ourselves to start a new life down south. At the time that we moved, I was 8 weeks pregnant.

Unfortunately, I miscarried on what was likely the day we moved, but did not find out until just over a week ago. I had a D&C last Wednesday and have been recovering since. If you want to read more about that experience, here’s the blog post.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve been seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and have undergone gonadotropin hormone therapy and have had three IUIs. Each IUI was successful, but the embryo never survived more than a few weeks—until recently.

Since January, I have greatly improved my diet thanks to a program called the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. Because of my results and love for the program, I became a coach in May and led my first group of ladies through the program in June.

Since last week, I’ve given my body a break from working out and I have not been eating clean… at all. I can tell that my hormones are out of whack and my energy is very low right now. So, starting tomorrow I am getting back on track.

As I ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak, I will be sharing everything with you all here, on this blog! I’ll share recipe reviews, life updates, and news from the doc as I continue treatment.