Tough Decisions

Photo by Xpress Foto

Photo by Xpress Foto

As I was riding my horse Brew on Tuesday, the idea for this blog post popped into my head. Isn’t that where all good ideas come from? Horseback?

Anyway, I have had to make some (major) changes to my life in recent weeks. Change isn’t easy for me and causes me to stress and worry—maybe you can relate.

Often times, when I decide that certain things in my life don’t work or don’t serve me anymore, I tell myself that everything is fine and I tough it out. I settle for unhappiness. When I’m in this mindset, I feel guilt and question myself over and over and over. So much stress and anxiety!

After my unfortunate miscarriage a few weeks ago, my husband and I talked a lot about our life here in North Carolina and what we want it to be. Happy was at the top of my list as it was something that I wasn’t. Quite the opposite. I was very unhappy.

My journey to happiness in North Carolina sadly means that I have to sell one of my beloved horses. After making the decision, I posted the horse online and through the same horse adoption agency that I’d purchased him from. Within 24 hours, I found the perfect new home for my quirky Thoroughbred. It was meant to be.

The recurring theme in my life right now is that you have to be willing to make the hard decisions and go through the bad things to find the good.

Are you willing to do the hard things? Are you ready to make more space for the good in your life? Don’t settle. Don’t tough it out. Be happy.