My 1st Experience with Meal Prep

Before we get started, let me just tell you this: I am lazy when it comes to food.

Yes, I have coached women through a popular health + wellness program. Yes, I have preached and preached how important it is to plan your meals or pre-log your macros. That was the old Chelsea.

Confession time: I have never meal prepped.

You read that right.

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Out of the Start Box We Go

Six weeks ago I completed my first horse trial in TWO YEARS.

Two. Freaking. Years.

How did two years go by so quickly? It feels like just yesterday I was running Novice around Midsouth Pony Club Horse Trials, but it was two freaking years ago? Sheesh time is flying.

When I was going through intensive fertility treatment, I simply didn’t have the energy to ride. I piddled around with the horses, but I was never very serious

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Tiny House Living in Carolina Beach

When we decided to plan our summer vacation to Carolina Beach, I used Airbnb for the first time in hopes I’d find a place that was dog-friendly and close to the beach. Enter the modern storage container tiny house. the house boasted close proximity to the beach and photos included happy doggos enjoying some front porch sitting, so I knew this would be the perfect place for us.

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The Dreaded Due Date

Emotions have been high around here as we are still grieving the loss of our first baby.

If you’re new around here, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and I’ve been going through intensive fertility treatment for over 2 years. I’ve given myself countless hormone injections, had a million ultrasounds, and have taken more pills than I can count.

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Dessert Recipe Roundup

I am so excited to share some of my favorite FASTer Way to Fat Loss® approved dessert recipes with you all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a GIANT sweet tooth. I am sure that part of the reason is because I am insulin resistant and have polycystic ovarian syndrome, known as PCOS. One of the big reasons why I love the FASTer Way is because it’s taught me how to incorporate sweets into my nutrition plan without going overboard.

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Recipe Roundup

Last weekend I mentioned on my Instagram that I was considering sharing some recipes that I’ve tried and loved with you once a week or so and you guys said “YES PLEASE!”

I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to meal prep….I’m lazy. I don’t really meal prep. I do, however, try to plan at least a few dinners each week and something sweet too. How do I find new recipes? Pinterest! Click here to follow my boards.

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Getting Back on the Horse

I literally cannot believe I’m sitting here building a new website.

I’ve had this blog for over a year and have been adding to it as I’ve gone through different stages of infertility treatment. I have talked all about hormone therapy, chemical pregnancies, miscarriages, and the life changes I’ve made to manage polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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My Worst Nightmare

When we went to the doctor on Tuesday for our big 10 week appointment, I knew something was wrong.

I called the day before expressing concern over symptoms I recognized from previous miscarriages. They were minor, so we all decided that everything was fine and there was no need to panic. I would just wait and come in as scheduled first thing Tuesday. Over the next 24 hours I just kept asking Mark, “Everything is fine, right? You think it’s okay, don’t you?”

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